Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday...


Dancing around the house!

The past two weeks have gone by way too fast, and now you are officially four weeks old! I can hardly believe that we have had you in our lives for an entire month, and you really need to know that you are the best gift that your daddy and I have ever received! We love you so much! To honor your special birthdays (both three and four weeks), I have created a special playlist of all of your favorite tunes! These include jingles and songs that I have hummed or sang to you for the last month and also ones that we have listened to together. You seem to be musically inclined, so I know you will appreciate this tribute! I arranged the lists by weeks because your musical tastes have changed so quickly.  I think you must get your finicky nature from me!

Week 1:                                                                    Week 2:
"Thriller"                                                                    "Friends in Low Places"
"How Great Thou Art"                                               "Old McDonald Had a Farm"
"Jingle Bells"                                                              "Amazing Grace"
"I Thank My God"                                                     "How Great Thou Art" (you LOVE this one)
"Stand By Your Man"                         

Week 3:                                                                      Week 4: SAME AS WEEK 3 plus:
"Edelweiss" (Adle Vice)                                               "Fix You" (Glee!)
"Viva La Vida" (Coldplay: "When I Ruled the World"   "I Love You This Big"
"How Great Thou Art"                                                 "Cannon in D"
"The Prayer"                                                                "B-I-N-G-O"
"ABCDEFG"                                                              "Head-Shoulders-Knees and Toes"
 As you can tell, already, you have an ecclectic musical repetoire, and I could not be happier! Of course, your father would like to see more tunes that do no involve country music or pop icons, but I am totally cool with it.  Just so you can see how hard we dance and sing to our tunes, take a look at these pictures of you after many of our jam sessions:

Daddy has perfected the sleeper hold!

Nap time..before you outgrew the bassinet!
Happy Birthday, Dylan Ashley Boyette! You have already brought us so much joy, and we love you, little rock star!

Mom and Dad

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